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"now that, was a poorly designed door."
"dude, so not a good idea to get on her bad-side."
"I'm Katlyn Brown"
"Good evening Alec, I'm Vince McMahon"
" I have some good news for you."

Chapter 3

Alec sat nervously on the other side of the desk as Mr. McMahon carried on, "If you are interested we would like to set you up as the WWE champion, so naturally you will be on RAW. My writers are still finalizing it so I can't confirm it but they are thinking about setting you up with a Diva. They say they want you as face, but really I want you as one of those superstars that are neither face nor heel, it all depends on how the fans react. I'm just letting you know now that this story line may go through to Wrestlemania depending on what happens but it could also finish at the next Pay-Per-View." By this time Mr. McMahon had shown Alec a seat in front of his desk and made his way to his own. "John Cena is going to be out for a couple months from his injury that he sustained last week while Shamus and Randy are feuding. This is all so we can get new faces with the championship including yours."

"So what do you think?" Mr. McMahon looked over the page of notes he was reading off over to Alec. "Wow, that sounds, wow. I didn't realize I would get a push this early on. Thank you Mr. McMahon. There's just one thing sir, do you know who the Diva will be?" Alec was more surprised by the Diva then the title push early on. "Very typical boy. Don't quote me on it, but I know a few of the Divas are finishing their present storylines off and are about to begin a new one. You should know tomorrow night when I get you your script and overview." Alec took that as his dismissal and got up to leave.

Alec left Mr. McMahon's office and went past the desk of Katlyn that was currently empty. 'Damn, could of scored' he thought to himself with the lack of female in the room. As Alec wasn't needed that night he went back to catering to find some of the guys he had been talking to earlier on before his meeting with the Divas. Walking down a hallway, he spotted a familiar name, 'Randy Orton' on a door and knocked on it. Alec stepped back and waited for the door to open. "Alec! How'd it go with Vince man?"

"Was alright man. One word though…. Diva." "Sweet as, I remember back in the day when I had the special Diva treatment." Randy went to his mini-chiller to pull out a couple beers and cracked them open. Handing one to Alec, Randy took a seat on one of the wooden benched while Alec took the one in front of him. They both took a sip of the cool refreshing liquid in the comfortable silence between the two.  Taking another swig of beer Randy spoke up, "a bunch of the crew are going clubbing tonight before we travel to the next city, you up?" "Hell yeh, I'm always keen." Randy then got up to turn his mini TV on to catch the last few minutes of the show before he would go out.

"I'll be back in 10 to give you ride back to hotel, you can wait here if you want." Randy left the room with Alec in it. Wondering what Randy was up to, he tuned into RAW to see Randy running down the ramp and attacking Shamus as the ref held his hand up with the title belt. Randy's shirt came off as the crowd screamed his name after Irish wiping Shamus over the top rope and out of the ring. Standing on a corner ring post with Shamus out on the floor, Randy did his signature move as the RAW credits came up.

"Dude, that was awesome." Alec entered the room 20 minutes Randy left to give him time to shower, he couldn't help but admire the youngest world champion. "It was nothing come on, let's go." "Sweet as." With that the pair left the event centre in Randy's rental car to the hotel where they were staying.
Chapter three

as always i do not own (unfourtunatly) Any WWE employees or anything to do with the WWE, thats all owned by Mr. McMahon

i do however own the plot line and my charcters Alec and Taylor

Jarrett belongs to well :iconkydragon:
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